Thank you to our volunteers

We are so grateful to the many volunteers who support the Latymer Foundation’s work.


Our Inspiring Minds Campaign Board helps steer our £40m fundraising campaign

Guy and Dominique America

Adam (Class of 1990) and Bex Balon

Judy Bollinger (stepped down July 2018)

Megan Bruns, ex-officio

John and Kate Carrafiell

Massimo Della Ragione and Valentina Pan

Dominik and Karen Dolenec

Marcus and Liz Evans

Federico and Christine Foglia

Goya Gallagher Sawiris

Hugh Grant (Class of 1978)

Jamie Grant (Class of 1976)

John and Christine Gregg

Stephen Hodges (Class of 1972)

Laurence Hopkins (Class of 1992), ex-officio

Louisa Leventis

Javad and Narmina Marandi

Michael Maras

Megha Mittal

Kieran Murphy, (Class of 1976), ex-officio

Klaus and Sanne Oestergaard

Cameron and Chloe Ogden

Christian Rochat and Myrto Papadopoulos-Rochat

Mike and Irina Phelps

Stan and Anne Rotman

John and Kate Storey

Amanda Scott, ex-officio

Hugh Sloane (Class of 1974) (stepped down 2019)

Ros Sweeting, ex-officio (stepped down 2022)

Emilio and Carola Voli

Georg and Emily von Opel

Martin Wade (Class of 1961)

Ben and Katie Walker

David and Traci Weaver

Su Wijeratna, ex-officio

Nigel Woolner (Class of 1958)

John Wotton (Class of 1971)

Our Bursaries Appeal Co-chairs

Pardeep Sandhu

Valentina Pan

Mary Frances Owens

Emily Goldfischer

Our Latymerian Councils help us stay in touch with Latymerians around the world

The Latymerian Council (UK)
1971 John Davidson
1973 Steve Faktor
1976 Paul Taylor
1976 James Graham
1979 Mike Cooper
1990 Harmeet Ahuja
1991 Rajesh Goyal
1992 Laurence Hopkins – Chair
1994 Kunwar Ahuja
2000 Alan Sendorek
2008 Suzanna du Plessis (née Rennie) – Deputy Chair
2014 Connie Campbell
2016 Charlotte Collingwood

The Canadian Friends of Latymer
1955 David Havard
1957 Trevor Jones
1957 David Stiles
1960 C. Hugh Grant
1962 Jeffrey Simons – Chair
1963 Peter Basey
1964 Colin Steel

The US Latymerian Council
1964 David Godfrey – Treasurer
1967 David Kendall
1968 Robert Stevens
1969 Simon Kisch
1976 Maciek Brzeski
1976 Jamie Grant
1980 Mark Bullimore – Chair
1989 Tony Hynes
1992 Anton Xavier
2004 Abi Ronan
2010 Josh Henderson

The Australasia Latymerian Council
1976 Hank Kingman
1970 John King
1978 John Fisher
1994 Eddie Gapper

The Asian Latymerian Council
1998 Raymond Shuai – Chair
1966 Victor Apps
1971 Malcolm Hanney
2009 Archie Preston
1990 Mark Syn

If you are interested in joining one of our Councils, please email Siân

Siân Davis

Alumni Relations Manager

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