Social Impact

In keeping with the ethos of Edward Latymer, the Foundation and school community run many programmes that are designed to reduce the disadvantage gap and benefit the wider community. The principal focus of these activities is on local young people, and on extending the benefits enjoyed by Latymer students to more children.

We have three main aims and objectives as a Foundation:

  1. To offer financial assistance (through bursaries) to academically ambitious young people from all backgrounds, so that they can benefit from a Latymer education
  2. To equip and inspire our students to make a positive impact on society and the world around them
  3. To build collaborative partnerships with local schools as a way of sharing academic and pastoral expertise in both directions; by doing this we aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of all students and teachers involved

We are continually working towards these aims through our bursaries programme and the Inspiring Minds campaign, numerous partnership programmes alongside fundraising and student volunteering. We also look for every opportunity to open our doors for local schools and community groups to make use of our wonderful facilities, including activity camps and providing hot meals during the school holidays.

You can read about our partnership activities and their impact on the following pages.

To read more about our bursaries and their impact, follow this link: Bursaries page

To read our most recent Impact Report, please click this link.

Contact the Partnerships and Outreach team using the links below.

Kerry Wilson

Partnerships Manager

Dr Christina Floe

Social Impact Lead

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