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Bright Sparks is a programme of fun, interactive classes for Year 5 students who might be eligible for bursaries.

Kindly funded by a Latymerian donor since 2017, our Bright Sparks programme offers a flavour of learning at Latymer to local children. Each year, at least 40 children with good academic potential in Year 5 are hand-selected by the head teachers of local maintained schools to attend exciting English, Maths and Science workshops in the Summer Term. They return in the Autumn Term for exam preparation and confidence building ahead of Year 7 entrance exams at Latymer and other independent schools. The programme is developed and run by Latymer staff, supported by our student volunteers, and is designed to provide an immersive and inspiring experience of secondary education. Parents are provided with information about applying to secondary schools and means-tested bursary provision.

Students who took part in Bright Sparks completed a survey and told us what they felt about the programme:

Bright Sparks Student survey results


had fun and enjoyed themselves


agreed that they'd learnt new things


were more confident now with the subjects they had taken


were happier and more confident about what secondary school is like


made new friends on the programme

“We developed the Bright Sparks programme for Year 5 students who show exceptional academic potential, are eager to learn and who would consider applying to Latymer Upper School or other selective secondary schools for 11+”

Amanda Scott, Executive Director of the Latymer Foundation

Primarily, the Bright Sparks programme aims to increase the confidence, aspirations and skills of engaged and curious-minded Year 5 students, who would benefit from the additional enrichment capacity of these sessions outside of school.

Our goal is also to increase students’ and parents’ awareness of independent school options, and the bursary schemes available.

We want students who could be eligible for a life-changing bursary at an academically selective school to experience independent school life and hopefully to be more likely to apply.

We’ve hosted over 170 pupils from more than 45 local schools.

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