Inspiring Minds

For almost 400 years, the Latymer Foundation has sought to provide a first class education to young people irrespective of their financial background, and has strived for talent, potential and ability to be the only criteria for entry.

The ultimate ambition of the Latymer Foundation is to achieve a “need-blind” admissions process, allowing any child with academic potential to attend our school.

The Inspiring Minds campaign was initiated in 2014 as a means to achieve the first major milestone on that journey; allowing us to fund bursaries for as many as 1 in 4 students at the school.

The financial target for this campaign was to raise £40 million by the 400th anniversary of the Foundation in 2024, and we are delighted to have made such significant progress against this target.

Our progress towards a more socially inclusive Latymer

1 in 5

of our students currently benefit from a bursary funded by the Latymer Foundation.

4,769 supporters across the Latymer community, alumni, current students and their parents, staff and Governors, have generously given their time, money and talent to ensure that the Latymer Foundation can continue to provide access to a life-changing education for another 400 years.

Of the 123 bursary pupils

86 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


The official start of our Inspiring Minds campaign, whose primary aim is to increase bursary provision, both now and for generations to come.


Of the 130 bursary pupils

86 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


Enthusiastic early support of the Campaign encourages us to set the ambitious, yet hopefully achievable, target of £40m


Of the 141 bursary pupils

101 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


Support begins to gain momentum, with significant cornerstone donations made to the Campaign.


Of the 154 bursary pupils

100 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


The whole Latymer community gets involved in fundraising following the public launch in September.


Of the 176 bursary pupils

113 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


The Campaign continues to gain momentum, with a record 29 events and ever-increasing participation across our community.


Of the 204 bursary pupils

139 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


The incredible outpouring of support for Inspiring Minds both for endowment and currently funded bursaries, helps the Foundation to weather the Coronavirus crisis without a reduction in bursary provision.


Of the 236 bursary pupils

131 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


As well as supporting bursaries for new joiners, donors created an Emergency Bursaries Fund for any current Latymer pupil whose family was struggling to pay fees due to the impact of the pandemic.


Of the 244 bursary pupils

133 received in excess of 90% fee remission.


Donations of £18m to Latymer’s endowment mean that some 20% of bursaries are funded in perpetuity; the remaining £21m has been allocated to provide bursaries for current pupils.


300 bursary pupils


The success of our Inspiring Minds campaign has allowed us to dramatically increase the number of students we have been able to support financially since the inception of the campaign, and we are delighted to have 1 in 5 students currently benefiting from a bursary funded by the Foundation.

Our dream of a need-blind admission to Latymer

To be able to offer bursaries to 1 in 4 of our pupils is the first stage of the journey towards our dream of need-blind admissions to Latymer. This will require new bursaries to continue to be funded each year, through the generosity of our wonderful donors. Our long-term aspiration is to ensure any child with academic potential can come to Latymer, irrespective of their family’s financial situation.

We are incredibly hopeful that the momentum we have built through our Inspiring Minds campaign will continue beyond 2024, and that the strong support we have received, and have been so grateful for, from the Latymer community will endure and enable us to reach our goal.

How to support our Inspiring Minds campaign

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