Latymer Foundation Events Gallery

Please find below a selection of images from various Latymer Foundation events.

May 2023 1624 Society afternoon tea

May 2023 Join us in the Archive

April 2023 On the road : New York

March 2023 ‘Why you should see Donatello at the V&A’ with Robert Orme

March 2023 Join us in the Archive

March 2023 Spring floral masterclass

February 2023 On the road : Oxford

February 2023 On the road : Edinburgh

January 2023 Inspiring Minds : Virtually Speaking Robert Orme series

January 2023 Inspiring Conversation: Dr Hilary Jones in conversation with Taylor Downing

December 2022 109th Annual Latymerians’ dinner

November 2022 Festive wreath-making masterclass

November 2022 Autumn colours – art class

November 2022 Boat naming ceremony – in honour of Martin Wade (1961)

November 2022 Class of 2012 10 year reunion

September 2022 Recent leavers’ and graduates’ reception

September 2022 Bursaries Appeal annual coffee morning

June 2022 Henley Royal Regatta 2022

June 2022 Henley brunch – the Latymer crew of 1962!

June 2022 25 years of co-education – party in the piazza!

March 2022 Leadership List reception

March 2022 2Bridges Run

March 2022 On the road – Cambridge

March 2022 On the road : New York – Alumni drinks reception

March 2022 Guided tour of the Imperial War Museum with Taylor Downing

February 2022 Inspiring Minds : Virtually Speaking Zoffany Pranks

February 2022 Inspiring Conversations: does art matter?

January 2022 Aladdin pantomime

December 2021 A festive evening of carols and jazz

November 2021 Festive wreath-making msterclass

November 2021 108th Annual Latymerians’ dinner

November 2021 Year 8 drinks reception

November 2021 2010 & 2011 class reunion

November 2021 Inspiring conversations: Eddie Marsan

October 2021 Tom Pirie football match

September 2021 Inspiring Minds launch reception

September 2021 Legal networking reception

September 2021 1624 Society

September 2021 Latymer Laughs

September 2021 Taylor Downing in conversation with Anita Lasker Wallfisch

September 2021 Prep Bursary Fund coffee morning

September 2021 Leavers and graduates class of 2015, 2016 and 2019

September 2021 Guided tour of the Imperial War Museum with Taylor Downing

September 2021 Latymer Foundation new parents’ coffee morning

September 2021 Class of 2020 graduation

August 2021 Tag Rugby Tournament in Memory of Ben Murray

March 2020 2Bridges Run

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