Foundation Office Team

The Latymer Development Office (now known as the  Latymer Foundation Office) was set up in 2004. The main task of this office is to ensure that the School continues to fulfil its founder’s vision by securing donations of all sizes that in turn fund bursaries at Latymer Upper School and Latymer Prep.

The Foundation Office can be found on the 1st floor of York House at Latymer Upper School. Please get in touch with any relevant enquiries.

Amanda ScottAmanda Scott
Director of Development
020 3004 0465
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Ruby Danowski
Deputy Director of Development
020 3004 0324 
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Siân Davis 

Alumni Relations Manager

020 3004 0470

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Johanna Ingram
Events Manager
020 3004 0406 
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Linn AlexanderMonica Martin
Events Manager (on maternity leave)
Please direct any queries to Johanna Ingram (as above)



Natasha Nolan 

Appeals Manager

020 3004 0434

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Jules Alexander
EA to the Director of Development
020 3004 0466
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Nicola Bligh
Alumni & Communications Officer
020 3004 0469 
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David Jones
Database & Finance Officer
020 3004 0368
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Charlotte Collingwood

Development Assistant

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Nigel OrtonNigel Orton
Alumni Relations Consultant
020 3004 0311
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Sally Markowska
Alumni Relations Consultant
020 3004 0311
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Chris Hammond
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