Named Bursaries

In recognition of the support from a number of key members and groups within the Latymer community, four bursaries have been created in their names.

Each of these bursaries supports our overarching bursary programme and our desire to offer free places to as many young people as possible.

You can donate to each of these bursaries directly using the buttons in the sections below.

Alan Rickman Bursary

When Alan Rickman (Class of 1964) tragically passed away, we created a bursary in his honour.

The late Alan Rickman was a well-known, accomplished Latymerian who died much too soon. Best known for his roles in Die Hard, Love Actually and Harry Potter, he was an extraordinarily talented actor.

Alan benefitted from a Direct Grant place at Latymer Upper School, graduating in the Class of 1964. Without such assistance, he would not have been able to attend the school. Consequently, Alan was a huge supporter of Latymer’s bursary programme when he was alive, and he was due to be part of a fundraising event that was planned for just a few weeks after his death.

Hearing the sad news of his death, the Latymer community rallied round, considering how best to commemorate this wonderful Latymerian. It was decided that a bursary in his name is something that Alan would have approved of. We continue to receive gifts not just from the Latymer community, but from his thousands of fans around the world who were heartbroken by the loss.


Robert Orme Bursary

Robert Orme encapsulates the Latymer spirit, instilling in his pupils an inquiring mind and an intellectual approach to his two specialist subjects – history and cricket.

Latymerians remember Robert’s Socratic style of teaching in which young history pupils would be asked to debate the big questions of the historical period under discussion. Others will remember Robert’s slide projector – and latterly, his iPad – used in the then unusual method of teaching through visual art, bringing history to life for his students through a different lens to that offered by the traditional textbook.

As Robert says;
“I was always interested in a history of ideas – I thought that paintings were the best way of communicating the ideas or beliefs of people in the past. So as soon as I was teaching history, I automatically did it from images from art, from slides in those days, and used the slides as the thing that would mean that you would instantly get a reaction from a group of kids who would want to interpret the image, would want to ask questions about it, then – in a place like Latymer with intelligent kids to teach – a debate could begin.”

Robert’s inspirational teaching was not confined to the classroom. Out on the Wood Lane cricket fields his patience and encouragement enthused both those who went on to play the game at a higher level, and those recreational players for whom the sport has remained a life-long passion. Whatever their level, all pupils coached by Robert will have been well tutored in his favourite shot – the forward defensive!


David Goodhew Bursary

David Goodhew left Latymer at the end of the 2022-23 academic year after a decade as our Head. Since he joined in 2012, Latymer has gone from strength to strength on every front, and our gates are now open to academically ambitious young people from a wide range of backgrounds.

To mark the lasting impact that David’s leadership has had on our school and our students, we would like to create a new 11+ bursary in his name, for a young person joining Latymer next academic year. Each year, our annual Bursaries Appeal aims to fund five new bursaries. This year our aim will be to fund six, to include the new “David Goodhew Bursary”.

Thanks to the remarkable response of the Latymer community, funding for the David Goodhew bursary is now at more than £130,000. If we can raise the remaining £35,000, we will be able to offer this sixth bursary to a young person in September, in addition to the five funded by our annual Bursaries Appeal.


US Latymerian Bursary

The US Latymerian Council is a group of American-based alumni. They fundraise for the US Latymerian Bursary, which funds each recipient through two years in Sixth Form at Latymer Upper School.

Currently, they are seeking to raise funds for the sixth US Latymerian Bursary (formerly known as the USFOL Bursary). Gifts to this appeal are welcome from all members of the Latymer community.

Last year, the fifth US Latymerian Bursary recipient graduated from Sixth Form at Latymer, and is taking up his place at the University of Amsterdam to study Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. Without the 100% fee remission these awards offer, these students could never have dreamed of taking up their hard-won places.


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