Our Impact


The Foundation and our community engage in a wide range of programmes and activities to benefit society, and be active contributing partners in our community. Although this includes a variety of impact types and causes, our principal focus is on young people, and addressing the disadvantage gap.


We have three main Aims & Objectives as a Foundation:

1) To reach and inspire academically ambitious young people from all backgrounds, so they can benefit from the opportunities available at Latymer through our bursary programme

2) To equip and inspire Latymerians to make a positive impact on society and the world around them

3) To share our experience, talents and resources with others, for the benefit of students from local schools, thereby enhancing their skills and knowledge, aspirations and well-being; also to create opportunities for our students and staff to collaborate with their counterparts at local schools for mutual benefit

These are addressed broadly through our bursaries programme, and the Inspiring Minds campaign; partnership programmes; fundraising and student volunteering; and by opening our doors for schools and community groups to make use of our wonderful facilities, including hot meals and activity camps during the school holidays. 

You can read more about our activities, and their impact, on our pages to the right. To read more about our bursaries and their impact, please see our Bursaries page.


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Kerry Wilson                                                                                     Dr Christina Floe 

Projects and Partnerships Manager                                 Social Impact Lead

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