How to throw a Great Latymer Dinner Party! #GLDP

October 16, 2019

Thinking of throwing a Great Latymer Dinner Party (GLDP) on the weekend of 15th - 17th November? Read on for our guide on how to be the host with the most over the #GLDP weekend.

Your party will not only be great fun - the money raised at your occasion will go towards bursaries at Latymer, as part of our ambitious Inspiring Minds campaign. Click here to find out more about the Campaign , which aims to raise £40m by 2024 to fund bursaries for as many as one in four of our pupils.




1. Registration is key

The first step on the journey to dinner party success is to register your Great Latymer Dinner Party. Sign up here to let us know that you will be hosting a fundraising party. Everyone who registers can get a free Great Latymer Dinner Party Pack, crammed full of decorations, recipes, games and much more!





2. Choose your party

What type of party do you want to throw? Anything goes, from a three course dinner party, brunch, cocktails and canapes to pizza and beers - it's up to you! Set a date and plan away...

3. Invite your guests

Who would you like to attend your party - friends and/or family? Now is the time to get drafting invitations to send to your nearest and dearest. Remember to let them know that you will be fundraising for the Inspiring Minds campaign at your party. There will be lots of information on the campaign in your Great Latymer Dinner Party pack to share with those invited.

4. Become a foodie - or not!

Choose your menu - are you inspired by the recipes in your Great Latymer Dinner Party pack or  would you like to make one of your favourites? Now is the time to plan your menu. Although don't worry if your culinary skills are somewhat lacking - a Great Latymer Dinner Party can be drinks, a coffee morning or a takeaway. 




5. Prepare to fundraise!

Time to put out your all-important donations box! Make the box provided in your Great Latymer Dinner Party Pack, or find a pot of your own. It's a good idea to put out the information brochure on the Inspiring Minds campaign (provided in your Great Latymer Dinner Party Pack) so guests can find out more about the cause they are supporting. 

6. Decorations

OTT or a minimalist? Choose your decorations to suit your party. You can use the decorations provided in your pack or create your own - we loved this beautifully decorated cake last year:


7. Enjoy yourself!

Eat lots and (most importantly) have fun as you fundraise!

8. Share your success

We would love to see about how your Great Latymer Dinner Party went! Share your photos on social media with the #GLDP and tag us in your posts @Latymer1624




9. Giving 

Please hand in you donations (including cheque/cash donations and giving forms) to the Security Lodge at the front of Latymer Upper School on King Street by Friday 29th November.


10. We'd love to hear from you! 

Share pictures, feedback and an update on how your gathering went:






Thank you for supporting the Inspiring Minds campaign, your support is greatly appreciated. Find out more about how lives can be transformed by bursaries here.