2Bridges Run

2Bridges Run

February 12, 2019

Last Sunday, dedicated members of the Latymer community gathered for the second annual 2Bridges Run to raise money for the Inspiring Minds Campaign. Current students and their families ran alongside alumni and friends of Latymer along the 6.5k riverside course, with 162 runners raising a total of almost £7,000 so far, an amazing achievement.

This year, the addition of a 2k Prep School race added fun and fancy dress to the day. However, some Prep pupils sought more of a challenge, and completed the full 2Bridges 6.5k course in impressive time.

The following prizes were awarded to the top participants' running and for best fundraising efforts.

For running...

  • the fastest Upper School student - Y9 student Louis Ayme Vernon
  • the fastest Alumnus - Graham Proud (1997) 1st Place
  • the fastest member of staff - Adam Widawski from Academic Mentoring
  • the winner of the Prep School race - Y5 Prep pupil Edoardo Burrill

For fundraising...

  • the top individual fundraiser - Y4 prep pupil Emily Ogden
  • the family that raised the most money - Manuela Jen with her children Josephine and Maxmilian in Y6.
  • the student group that raised the most money - Y4 Prep pupils Emily Ogden, Isabelle Earl, Bea Towlerton and Ivy Evans

And last but definitely not least…

  • the best fancy dress - The Minions - Y4 Prep pupil Elisa and her dad Maxim Kolupaev

The 2Bridges Run course was formerly known as the Briault, which was named after an infamous Geography teacher and had a reputation as a particularly gruelling cross-country run amongst students from the 1930s until 2017. In November 2017, the run was rebranded as the more friendly “2Bridges Run”. Amongst other alumni, Jim Smith (1972) took the relaunch as an opportunity to finish the riverside run for the first time last year, after admitting that in his school years, he had always taken the day off if he knew there was a run coming up. This year, we were very pleased to see him again, running against other alumni such as Sunny Sehgal (1989) and Grace Lozinski (2018).

Besides running, alumni and parents supported the event by providing sponsorship and supplies for the running event, goody bags and finish line party. One Latymerian donated delicious baked goods from his bakery Pophams, while others used their connections to Fuller’s, Well&Truly and Mindful Bites to support the Inspiring Minds campaign. Other generous businesses with connections to Latymer were also quick to get behind the event. We are hugely grateful for the support of Chartwells, Fullers, Holbein, Leoline, Mindful Bites, Pophams and Well&Truly. Thanks to their generosity we were able to 'run' a fun and engaging event for our community, offsetting all the costs of the event so that all of the money raised could go straight to the Inspiring Minds campaign.

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