Recent Leavers’ Reunion: Classes of 2013 and 2017

September 7, 2018

Over 100 guests attended a Recent Leavers’ Reception hosted by the Latymer Foundation as we welcomed back the Classes of 2013 and 2017.

Young Latymerians were reunited for a special evening to catch up with friends and former teachers. With only a mild threat of rain, the evening began cautiously as former students descended on the Prep Garden. The drizzle quickly became a downpour but in true Latymerian style, nothing was to dampen the mood as everyone relocated to the Sports Hall to continue festivities.

The Head, David Goodhew, thanked the audience for attending and reiterated the School’s commitment to supporting students past and present. There were special mentions of Biology teacher, Cath Hopley and Latymerian, Ben Murray (2017) who died recently; their memories will live long in the heart of the Latymer community.

Latymerians continued to share fond memories of their school days. The 2017 cohort, many of whom had just completed their first year at university, took advantage of the wise words offered by the Class of 2013 to make the most of their higher education experience.