The Post-Pandemic World Event

The Post-Pandemic World

2nd February 2021 from 7-8pm

Zoom: Evening Talk

After the shocking and extraordinary experience of the past year, what will governments and other public bodies need to think about in order to deal with the aftermath, as well as to avoid any repeats in the future?

The high-level, global, inter-disciplinary brains-trust that Bill Emmott (1974) has co-founded - the ‘Global Commission for Post-Pandemic Policy’ - is dedicated to thinking through and making recommendations about the many aspects of this task. Bill will be joined by his former FT colleague and current Head of Bloomberg Economics, Latymer parent Stephanie Flanders to discuss such questions as; how can we prevent a future pandemic or even bio-terror threat? How can we deal with the huge public debts and economic disruptions that are the pandemic's legacy? How can we face up to the shocking level of mistrust of science and the very nature of truth that we have seen in politics and society? What shifts might we expect as a result of this upheaval in global politics and what hope can there be for better global collaboration?

Stephanie will talk to Bill about how his, and the Global Commission’s, thinking is developing on these very tough but crucial problems.

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