Milestone Reunion Lunch Event

Milestone Reunion Lunch

7th March 2020 from 12pm - 4pm

Dining Hall, Latymer Upper School

If you left Latymer 1950, '60, '70, '80, '90 or 2000, we think that is a milestone worth celebrating!*  Come back to the School for a special lunch and reunite with your old school mates, as well as some former teachers.  Following the lunch, there will be a tour of the School to see the recent changes.

Tickets are £35 for lunch (including wine). You are welcome to bring a guest.

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*This event is aimed at those Latymerians who left the School in 2000, 1990, 1980, 1970, 1960 or 1950.  If, however, you left before or after these years (e.g. prior to commencing Sixth form or being fast-tracked to a year above), but would still like to reconnect with the cohort in which you joined the School, you are more than welcome to attend.




Staff & Former Staff:

Chris Chivers

John Gilbert

Chris Hammond

Tony Henwood

Sally Markowska


Class of 2000:

Anojan Arulanathan

Fran Boorman

Luke Casserly

Maudie Casserly (nee Gunzi)

Angel-Clare Grant

Chloe Mann

Claire Savage (nee Capell)

Alan Sendorek


Class of 1990:
Adam Balon

Charles Ben-Nathan

Niall Habba

Antonio Marinovic


Class of 1980:

Richard Bridges

Steven Peters

Michael Pilcher


Class of 1970:
Christopher Gull

Clive Edward Lawrence 

Robert Pomeroy

Matt Sendorek

Howard Simons

Peter Skeggs

Mohan Uddin


Class of 1960:
Roger Curtis

Michael Hursey

David Jackson

Jo Sibert (Jonathan)

Richard West


Class of 1950:
Cedric Lee

Michael Phelps

Anthony Thompson