Ask an Expert: Entrepreneurs Event

Ask an Expert: Entrepreneurs

4th February 2021 from 7 - 8pm

Zoom: Evening Panel Discussion

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Would you like to learn how to set up a business, and where to access the tools and support you need for your new business to thrive?

Hear from our panel of experienced entrepreneurs on their success stories, along with tips on how to set up a business and get the investment and support you need to succeed. 


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Toby Astor (1998)Vice President, Salesforce

Toby has spent six years in Corporate Strategy, Marketing and Sales including brand strategy, partnerships, e-commerce and customer experience transformation, alongside holding ten years’ experience in corporate finance.

Outside of work, he is a Non-Exec Director for two London based start-ups.


Taymoor Atighetchi (2007), CEO and Founder of Papier

Taymoor began his career on the Portobello Road as the market’s youngest antique dealer. Keen to marry his love of art with business and technology, he set up Papier in 2015 with the vision to enable people to connect more meaningfully and thoughtfully with one another through personalised greeting cards and stationary.


Adam Balon (1990)Co-founder of Innocent Smoothies and JamJar Investments

Adam co-founded Innocent smoothies, taking the business from a market stall to becoming one of the giants of the drinks world.

He understands only too well the challenges faced by new start-ups in acquiring financial backing, and so created JamJar Investments to help young entrepreneurs make excellent business ideas a reality. 


Fran Boorman (2000)CEO and Founder of Goal17

Goal 17 is a corporate training company specialising in Mentoring.    

Fran has developed a unique business methodology known as #TheProveItMethod which gives small business owners the framework to turn their vision into value. She has supported hundreds of people to get significant results. 


Richard Davidson (1993)Founding Partner at DAVCAP

As founding partner of private investment company DAVCAP, Richard has a vast amount of experience in entrepreneurship with skills in Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Derivatives, Valuation, and Alternative Investments. 

Prior to DAVCAP, Richard was the Director of European Equity sales for Credit Suisse and holds a long history in the financial services industry.


Ollie Gold (2008), CEO and Founder of Pophams Bakery

Having worked as a kitchen porter and then as a chef for the Formula One team for eight years after university, Ollie had a clear idea of what he wanted to do when he returned to London.

After developing various ideas, Ollie founded Pophams in 2017. He remembers the sleepless nights and working ‘ridiculously hard’ to get the business going. Fast forward to 2021, and Ollie now has two successful locations - expanding not only his bakery, but also launching a speciality pasta restaurant.