An Evening of Poetry: Towards the Light Event

An Evening of Poetry: Towards the Light

26th May 2021 from 7-8pm

Zoom: Evening Talk

Join Poet and Latymerian, Peter Pegnall, trumpeter Chris Dowden and Kate Munro, clarinettist, for a distinctive programme of freshly composed poems and music. They will present a sequence that travels from an intensely personal yet distressingly commonplace melancholy towards a fragile, life affirming balance. This partial recovery echoes with the voices of nature and of simple, human contact.

The second half of the evening will consist of readings from ‘Pestilence’, an anthology of poems focusing on the COVID 19 Pandemic. These vivid, contrasting testaments to a shared disaster avoid easy rhetoric or self-righteous agonising, they offer a kind of sanity, but also raise questions for debate.  There will be plenty of opportunities for dialogue and questions. What else would one expect from a Latymerian audience?

Peter Pegnall has had seven collections of poetry published in the British Isles, Ireland and Portugal.  He recently invited 15 artists to contribute towards a collection of work about Covid 19 ‘that might bear witness to these difficult times in a variety of ways.’  Their brief was to write or draw what they felt and not what they ought to say or represent.  The result was Pestilence, edited by Peter and including poems from Canada, Ireland, U.S.A., Mauritius, France, Portugal and England.  The anthology, published in December 2020, includes four of Peter’s poems as well as poems by other well recognised poets.

Kate Munro is both musician and artist and is responsible for the illustrations in Pestilence. Kate is a member of the award winning, 2 woman British Snow Carving Team and has been creating both public and community art projects for many years -  Kate is also resident clarinettist at The Belfry Arts Centre, Overstrand, visiting artist at Houghton Hall, Norfolk and piano teacher.

Chris Dowding is a trumpeter playing with the bands Natural Causes, Rude 2.0 (with the trombonist Annie Whitehead) and also leading the Moonrise Trio.  In 2018, he was commissioned by Durham Brass Festival to compose and perform a piece for solo brass instrument with looping app on mobile phone. This led to the film 'you can hear me', which premiered in 2020 at the London Jazz Festival. 

Free to register with a suggested donation of £10 towards the Upper School Bursaries Appeal.

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