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Camila (Class of 2010)

Camila grew up on the Queens Park estate and joined Latymer in the Sixth Form thanks to a full bursary.

During her time at the school Camila enjoyed singing and performed as a soloist at the Royal Festival Hall and the Globe. After reading English at the University of Bristol, Camila was awarded the Grays Inn and Lord Justice Holker scholarships to cover the costs of her Law Conversion and Bar exams. She was then awarded the Inderpal Rahal Memorial Trust award to study the LLM in International Law at UCL, where she came top in the year in International Refugee Law and won best oralist in the UK Jessup Moot. She is now a pupil barrister.

When reminiscing about being a student at Latymer, Camila said;

“Learning at Latymer was the point at which I started to assimilate academic learning with life lessons. My teachers were passionate about the subjects they taught and constantly encouraged me to go beyond the syllabus. This meant that my peers and I developed a genuine interest in subjects for their own sake, and not just for the purposes of doing well in exams. Most importantly, staff were always ready to provide personal support to students, which is a testament to the importance placed by the school on ensuring that students leave as well-rounded individuals. The school was always bursting with opportunities, from the contacts I made to the remarkable array of high quality extra-curricular activities available. In short, being at Latymer was a joy."

The bursary made available to Camila had a major influence on her life. As she says;

"I would have found it much harder to encounter the opportunities I have to date, had it not been for Latymer’s generosity and pastoral support during my formative years. My scholarship to Latymer taught me the importance of diversity, which starts by ensuring that children are given the widest opportunities for success, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. This is why I have consistently supported Latymer’s campaign to increase the number of bursaries it offers."