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Amir (Class of 2018)

Amir joined Latymer in Year 7 thanks to a full bursary

Amir is currently studying Medicine at Cambridge University. He was the first person in his family to gain A Levels and go to University. During his time at the school Amir enjoyed playing football and rugby and participating in music. He credits Latymer for helping him learn how to maintain a healthy work-life balance: as well as currently undertaking a research project to develop novel cancer therapeutics using organoids he is a member of the University Athletics Club and plays football for his College.


When reflecting on his time at Latymer Amir said;  

“My years at Latymer have meant everything to me. Latymer has been my entire life for the past 7 years, and has given me too much to list in a letter; a good education, social and life skills, fantastic teachers as well as extra-curricular and academic opportunities galore. All of this, and the success that I will hopefully make for myself in the future have been created and gifted to me by the Colin Turner Scholarship and its remarkable founder, the late Mel Smith.”


Amir's bursary completely changed his life, as he said  ; 

A Latymer bursary is truly life changing and that does not solely encompass the 7 years of a Latymer education but extends well beyond that. Being a Latymerian has opened uncountable doors for me from work experiences in top London hospitals to getting advice on University applications. I am in no doubt that the Latymer bursary has played a critical part in shaping the journey that I am on today.