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Adam (Class of 2007)

Adam read History and Politics at Oxford University and is now a barrister at 39 Essex Chambers.

Having grown up on the Askew Road where his parents run a café, Adam joined the school in the Sixth Form thanks to a full bursary and was an active student who participated in debating and played for Latymer on the football team. He won an exhibition to study at Balliol, Oxford and was subsequently awarded an academic scholarship. He gained a First Class degree in History and Politics, coming second in his year overall. He subsequently benefited from an Exhibition from the Inner Temple to cover the costs of his Law conversion course and is now a practising barrister.

What are your memories of Latymer:

“Of the many experiences at Latymer, the one that made the biggest difference was the help and support I received the school was when I was applying to university. That partly involved things like writing essays, choosing a subject, doing practice exams but there was something in retrospect that was much more important. That was being interested in and excited about subjects I was studying. Not just as a means to get good grades, not just as a way to get ahead in life, but as an end in itself because they were interesting in and of themselves. It was a result of having teachers who were not only enthusiastic, but committed to helping the students to get the best out of themselves.”

Which teachers particulary inspired you?

"Mr Winter, Mr Chivers, Mr Gilbert, Mr Foynes and Mr White."

What do you think about Latymer’s bursary programme?

“I’m quite sure my life wouldn’t have gone the same way if I hadn’t been given a bursary for Latymer where the opportunities available to me grew due to the generosity of others.”

"It's really great to hear that the provision of means tested scholarships has expanded since I was at the school, and that there are plans to extend it further."