(Class of 2019)

Joining for the Sixth Form on a bursary, Zayn greatly enjoyed the stimulation of being taught by inspirational teachers together with the privilege of being surrounded with like-minded, aspirational students. Zayn is currently in his first year of studying Mathematics at Bath University.

Whilst at Latymer, Zayn grasped the opportunity to represent the school in a number of extracurricular activities including the National Finals of the F1 in Schools Competition, the Aerospace Challenge and the Young Enterprise Challenge, alongside Rugby and Basketball.

Zayn chose to take Mathematical Computing and The History of Astronomy electives at Sixth Form, which gave him points of conversation during university interviews and boosted his personal statement.

Zayn feels Latymer broadened his horizons both academically and socially; his friends have a wide variety of interests ranging from producing music to starting their own businesses.