Past & Future Projects

Enhancing a Latymer education through departmental support

Many Latymerians have happy memories of individual teachers or departments that inspired them, and they and their families like to show their gratitude by supporting projects that fall outside the annual School budget:

Landscaping at Latymer

Latymer's King Street site has undergone a botanical transformation over the summer - discover sponsorship opportunities.

Learn more about the landscaping project and see more pictures here

Latymer Sports Centre

 In 2012, we knew we needed to rebuild the 1970’s swimming pool and the opportunity arose to increase the size of the existing sport centre. However, in order for work to start in 2014, we needed to raise £4.5m in addition to a combination of bank loans and money from the Foundation.

Latymerians past and present, their families, and our staff undertook an impressive list of fundraising activities: baking, swimming, cycling, running, cooking, drinking, clay pigeon shooting, rowing, dancing, eating, selling and music making, to name but a few. Thanks to the generosity and determination of the Latymer Community, by 2014 we had raised £4.7m and work began.

In September 2016, Sir Steve Redgrave officially opened Latymer’s new Sports Centre and hundreds of Latymer pupils now use this amazing facility each day, as well as children from local primary schools, local sports clubs, Latymerians and Latymer families.

Academic Mentoring

Ceri Ellis and her team in the Academic Mentoring Department are held in the highest esteem and affection by many of our pupils and their families.  With a deep understanding of current thinking on learning differences, learning styles, multiple intelligences and mind-sets, the AMD embraces a creative approach to teaching and learning, using assistive technology - iPads, laptops and a range of software - to enhance the academic work of pupils across the age range.

Gifts to enhance the work of this department provided extra resources for Ceri and the wonderful Sixth Form peer mentors who work closely with pupils from across the age range on subject specific topics and study skills.


Played day in day out by over 700 pupils and staff, after 17 years of service the nine workhorse pianos in the Arts Centre were being put out to pasture and needed to be replaced.

Thanks to our alumni, nine new pianos were sponsored (and the old ones were reconditioned and went on to new owners).


Latymer Upper School Boat Club

Rowing has long been a major sport at Latymer and we are very proud of those Latymerians who have gone on to row for their university and their country. Today our boys and girls continue to compete at the highest level and we were the only school to field crews in every junior event at Henley Royal Regatta 2017.

More of our pupils elect to row each year and there is a continual need to enlarge the fleet of boats available. Past gifts to the LUSBC have resulted in a boat named after favourite coach “Alan Watson” and another in memory of Olympian and Latymerian “Andy Holmes”.



If you would like to enhance the work of the Academic Mentoring Department, or to help perpetuate the rowing tradition at Latymer, or to show your support to another department at Latymer, please contact Amanda Scott