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Natalie Abrahami (Class of 1998)

Once one of the first girls to attend Latymer, Natalie Abrahami is now a rising star in the world of arts. Attending on a bursary, she feels that the school gave her an amazing opportunity.

Natalie Abrahami is fast making a name for herself as one of the UK arts world’s rising stars. Directing ambitious plays in some of the most prestigious theatres - including the Young Vic, Gate Theatre and the Royal Court - is a far cry from her first production which took place in the lesser known Duke’s Gardens, Hammersmith! The play however, 'Oedipus Rex', would not be out of place on her impressive CV, along with such complex works as her critically acclaimed ‘Happy Days', LaBute’s 'Bash: Latter-day Plays’ and Arthur Miller’s ‘Broken Glass’. 

Her courage in tackling difficult works should come as no surprise. As one of the first cohort of girls at Latymer, when the Sixth Form went co-ed in 1996, one can only assume that a certain amount of courage would have been needed when the doors opened to the School’s first female Latymerians.

As Natalie told her former English teacher Chris Chivers;

“The idea of being one of the first of a pioneering vanguard of girls entering Latymer Upper School felt like something really thrilling to be a part of.”

Natalie thrived in the intellectually challenging environment of the School;

“Lessons at Latymer opened my mind; I was ready for a change. No more dictation and rote learning now; suddenly there was dialectic.” 

Christ’s College Cambridge followed, after which Natalie began her glittering career in theatre. She is quick to credit the chance her bursary gave her to experience a Latymer education;

 “What I love about Latymer is that it gave me an amazing opportunity – if it wasn’t for the bursary I don’t think I would have been able to attend and it was the best educational moment of my life. I really do hope that many other people get the opportunity to come to Latymer through the Inspiring Minds campaign because it can make such a difference to your outlook and opportunities in life. Everyone knows that education is vital, and the education I got at Latymer was amazing.”