Landscaping at Latymer

It would be hard to argue that Latymer’s urban site has ever been a horticultural heartland. However, the piazza and surrounding communal areas will be undergoing a transformation in the coming months.

The tarmac will be removed, making way for vibrant greenery and seating spaces designed for learning, socialising and wellbeing. The upgrade to the site will benefit students and staff immensely, and of course will reduce our impact on the environment.

By the start of the new academic year in September 2019, the area will include seating banks designed for socialising and creative learning, a performance space, flowers beds, and large trees to add colour to the landscape. The space will be ergonomic and much greener, both visually and in terms of the environmental impact.

Green space will improve air quality, increase noise absorption from nearby infrastructure, aid the absorption of excess rainwater, and help with the regulation of temperature – countering the warming effects of paved surfaces, thus reducing energy consumption.

While it will be a noisy few months ahead, the upgrade to the site will benefit students and staff immensely, along with the many people from the local community that use the School’s facilities each week.

To find out about sponsorship opportunities for the landscaping of Latymer's King Street site, please click here.