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The only criteria for entry to Latymer should be ability and potential.

The Inspiring Minds campaign will help to make that a reality.

Join us in the biggest and most ambitious fundraising campaign in Latymer’s history.

People describe Latymer as dynamic, independently minded, forward looking and tolerant. But the most often used word at Latymer is inspirational. We have teachers who inspire generations of young people to be passionate about their subject, we have pupils who inspire each other to be the best that they can be and our alumni go out into the world to inspire their colleagues and their community.

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The Inspiring Minds campaign aims to raise £40m by 2024 to fund bursaries for as many as 1 in 4 of our pupils

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We want to double our current bursary funding, providing a life transforming Latymer education for more children

The Latymer Foundation funds access to a Latymer education for those who qualify for a place at the Upper School or the Prep, but whose family cannot afford to pay full fees. Surrounded by  talented young people from every socio-economic background, Latymer’s pupils work together, united in the desire to achieve excellence both inside and outside the classroom, supported by first class teaching and facilities.


Protecting our bursary programme

In 2014, three out of every five bursaries were funded by the generosity of donors but only 20% were secured with permanent funding. Unlike many similar institutions, the Latymer Foundation is not a rich one and in 2014 the endowment for bursaries totalled just £17.5m.

In embarking on the Inspiring Minds campaign, our aim is to raise £40 million by 2024, of which £20 million for the endowment, so that the bursary programme at Latymer is protected for generations to come.


spent on bursaries for Upper School and Prep pupils in 2019/20

Community Response Fund 

The pandemic continues to present innumerable challenges, requiring rapid and innovative responses. Latymer has always striven to be a good neighbour and we are keen to help our local community in as many ways as possible in these difficult times, using our physical spaces, our personnel and the wider Latymer family.

Please help us to provide support for the young people in our local area by contributing to our Community Response Fund. 

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Campaign Review

We are pleased to share with you our third annual Inspiring Minds Campaign Review, which can be found below, together with the two  previous Campaign Reviews.

Hard copies will be distributed to all those who contribute to the campaign after each academic year. If you would like to receive a copy by post, please contact Ruby Danowski.

Read the latest Campaign Review 2019/20:


Read our second Campaign Review 2018/19:



Read our inaugural Campaign Review:



How to get involved

Join our fundraising community

More than 1,300 members of the Latymer community come together each year with gifts large and small to create new opportunities for young people who have secured a place at Latymer but who cannot afford the fees. Give these young people the life changing experience of a Latymer education by supporting the annual Bursaries Appeal or the Prep Bursary Fund. 

Upper School Bursaries Appeal

Prep Bursary Fund

Fund an individual bursary

Some donors choose to sponsor a young person’s education for seven years, or for the two years of Sixth Form, either by personally funding the yearly fees or by joining a group of like minded members of the Latymer community.

Alternatively, you can choose to help us fund a new bursary in perpetuity by making a gift to the endowment for bursaries. The resulting bursary could be named after you, or a favourite teacher or family member.

Please contact Amanda Scott  if you’d like more information about creating a new bursary at Latymer.

Enhancing a Latymer education through departmental support

Many Latymerians have happy memories of individual teachers or departments that inspired them, and they and their families like to show their gratitude by supporting projects that fall outside the annual School budget.

Past and future projects