Date: 7th September 2024
Time: 9am - 6pm
Location: Chiswick Sports Ground

This Festival is all about esprit de corps. Sporting prowess is not a requirement, but joining in and having fun very much is! The classic 2Bridges run, known to alumni as the Briault/Round the River run, will be followed by tag rugby, football, netball and a finale of rounders.

Bring your own lunch, or sample the delights from our food trucks and BBQ. Whether you’re a picnicker or a participator, all ages and abilities are welcome to this family-friendly festival, which will take place at, and coincide with the official opening of Latymer’s new sports ground in Chiswick.

More details on how to sign-up or form your own team will be released next year, 2024.

400th Anniversary Event