Leaving a legacy to Latymer 

Edward Latymer’s legacy continues to benefit young people in West London almost 400 years after his death.

Include the Latymer Foundation in your estate planning and your gift will provide opportunities for future generations of Latymerians, just as Edward Latymer’s gift has done.

For information about leaving a legacy to Latymer please email Megan Bruns. 

Help us plan for the future

Central to the character and ethos of the School is the belief that young people who reach the academically high standards of entry should have access to the education we offer, regardless of their social background or family financial circumstances; to preserve this proud tradition Latymer needs to provide means-tested bursary places. At the same time, the Governors of the Latymer Foundation are committed to continual investment in facilities and resources to enrich and enhance exceptional teaching and deliver an outstanding 21st century education.

An unrestricted legacy to the Latymer Foundation will give the Governors the flexibility to respond to future challenges by applying your gift to the area of greatest need. 

Alternatively, you can restrict the use of your legacy gift to the provision of bursaries at Latymer Upper School and Latymer Prep.

“Latymer awarded me a scholarship, without which my parents could never have afforded to send me there. I remember friendship with others and between staff and pupils, but above all else the intellectual stimuli. Latymer not merely changed my life, it made it. I hope my legacy does the same for others.”

Professor Dennis Green (1939)

How to leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will to the “Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith” is straightforward and tax efficient. As a registered charity, no. 312714, a legacy to the Latymer Foundation is free of Inheritance Tax so your gift can reduce the amount of your estate liable for tax.

There are a number of different types of legacies which can make a real difference to the future of the Latymer Foundation. We encourage you to discuss with a solicitor which type would best suit your circumstances.

A deed of Variation

If you are a beneficiary of a legacy you can transfer all or part of the bequest to the Foundation under a Deed of Variation. Not only will Latymer benefit from your gift during your lifetime but the gift itself will be transferred free of Inheritance Tax.

The 1624 Legacy Society

Named after Edward Latymer's visionary bequest of 1624 which created the Latymer Foundation, members of this Society are Latymerians, current and former staff and parents who have informed the School of their legacy intentions. Their pledges are recognised in our annual Campaign Review and they and their partners are invited to an annual event at the School in the summer term. This provides an opportunity for members to hear from the Head about the School’s news and plans for the future and to meet old friends and to make new ones.

Please contact Megan Bruns, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Society and would like an invitation to the next event.