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US Friends of Latymer (USFOL) Bursary

US Friends of Latymer (USFOL) is a group of American-based alumni.

They fundraise for the USFOL Bursary, which funds each recipient through two years in Sixth Form at Latymer Upper School. 

Currently, they are seeking to raise funds for the fourth USFOL Bursary.

Gifts to this appeal are welcome from all members of the Latymer community.

Three USFOL Bursary recipients have graduated from Sixth Form at Latymer, and the fourth recipient is currently in the Sixth Form.

Without the 100% fee remission these awards offer, these students could never have dreamed of taking up their hard-won places.


"The USFOL Bursary gave me an amazing, and otherwise out-of-reach, opportunity to develop and grow in confidence to the point at which I could face university head-on and use the skills I was taught at Latymer to achieve high marks in my university assessments. 

I continue to be very grateful."

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