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Upper School Bursaries Appeal 

29 of the 230

young people who joined Latymer on a bursary in September 2020 are supported by donors to the annual Bursaries Appeal

Launched in 2005, this annual appeal has so far financed the education of 49 young people (29 of whom are currently studying at Latymer whilst a further 20 have gone on to university or employment). This extraordinary success is the result of many hundreds of gifts from all sections of the Latymer community: Latymerians past and present and their families, current and former staff and Governors, and friends of the School.

The Bursaries Appeal does not necessarily ask for large donations, in fact the majority of gifts are relatively small. What is really important is that many of them are regular gifts made by Direct Debit which means we can plan for the following academic year with confidence.

We really appreciate each and every gift and you can be certain that 100% of your donation is applied to funding bursaries for young people who could not otherwise dream of attending Latymer.

To find out how you can get involved with the Bursaries Appeal, either as a donor or a volunteer, contact Appeals Manager, Natasha Nolan.

Co-Chairs & Volunteers

Without the support of parent and alumni volunteers, the annual Upper School Bursaries Appeal could not function

We are incredibly grateful to those who contribute by donating their time and energy, whether by helping to run events, offering their advice and expertise, or volunteering in the Latymer Foundation office.

 The Co-Chairs of the Bursaries Appeal are:

- Emily Goldfischer (parent of y 11 & y 13)
- Christine Gregg (parent of y 8, y 10 & y 12)
- Valentina Pan (parent of  y 8, y 12, Class of  2019 & 2021)
- Pardeep Sandhu (parent of y 9, Class of 2015, 2017 & 2021)
- Mary Frances Owens (parent of y 11 & y 13)


RAIS£ Club

Students also fundraise for the Bursaries Appeal through the student club, RAIS£

The student-led fundraising club, RAIS£, is made up of students from all Upper School year groups. The objective of the club is to raise awareness of Latymer’s bursary programme amongst their peers and to raise money by putting on fun events throughout the year. 

The club holds bake sales, a movie night and a Year 7 disco as well as creating ‘Founder’s Day badges’ for students, alongside any new fundraising ideas, such as merchandise.

The group is led by Senior Ambassadors who work with Lower School Head, Amy Sellars, and the Foundation Office Team throughout the year.

Read about a phenomenal year of fundraising for RAIS£ in 2018/19.

In 2018/19, RAIS£ boosted the Bursaries Appeal by an amazing £18,375.44

To support the Upper School Bursaries Appeal, please make a donation today

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