Get Involved

We love to keep in contact with our alumni, and help them to stay connected with their peers and other Latymerians and there’s various opportunities for our alumni to get involved

We encourage everyone to attend our relevant events, join a Latymerian council or explore opportunities for corporate partnerships. In the first instance, contact Siân in the Foundation Team with any questions about how you can participate.

Our Regional Councils

The Latymerian Council (UK)

Harmeet  Ahuja (1990)

Kunwar Ahuja (1994)

Connie Campbell (2014)

Charlotte Collingwood (2016)

Mike Cooper (1979)

John Davidson (1971)

Steve Faktor (1973)

Rajesh Goyal (1991)

James Graham (1976)

Laurence Hopkins (1992) - Chair

Suzanna du Plessis, née Rennie (2008)

Alan Sendorek (2000)

Paul Taylor (1976) 

US Latymerian Council

Maciek Brzeski (1976)

Mark Bullimore (1980) - Chair

David Godfrey (1964) - Treasurer

Jamie Grant (1976)

Josh Henderson (2010)

Tony Hynes (1989)

Simon Kisch (1969)

Robert Stevens (1968)

Peter Taylor (1965)

Anton Xavier (1992)

US Latymerian Bursary

Australasian Latymerian Council

Thomas Correia (1991)

Eddie Gapper (1994)

John King (1969)

Aleco Lazaridis (2004)

Clive Trotman (1955)

Jim Tilley (1956)

Basil Walby (1946)

The Canadian Friends of Latymer Board of Directors

Peter Basey (1963)

Jimson Bienenstock (1982)

C. Hugh Grant (1960)

David Havard (1955)

Trevor Jones (1955) - Chair

Jeffrey Simons (1962)

David Stiles (1957) 

Asian Latymerian Council

Arif Anwar (1990)

Victor Apps (1966) - Chair

Malcolm Hanney (1971)

Leela Lamont, née Pandit (2002)

Archie Preston (2009)