Accessibility Policy for Latymer Foundation events (In-Person, Hybrid, and Online Events)

At Latymer, we aim to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals to engage fully wherever possible. If you have any accessibility requirements (wheelchair access, visual aids, hearing loops etc.) that you would like us to be aware of, or to make an enquiry, please email Jo Ingram, Events Manager on in advance of the event. Any information given regarding personal access requirements will be used to inform access during the event. All information will be kept confidential.1. Venue Accessibility (on-site) We chose spaces on-site suitable for accessibility and also provide clear directions and signage to assist attendees in navigating the venue.

2. Venue Accessibility (off-site) – We select venues that prioritise accessibility. We work closely with our venue partners to ensure that facilities, entrances, seating, toilets, and other necessary amenities are accessible to individuals with disabilities.3. Online Accessibility: We recognise that online events provide a convenient and accessible option for many of our alumni and community, who may have difficulty travelling or attending in-person events.

4. Hybrid Accessibility: In the case of hybrid events, where both in-person and online participation options are available, we strive to create an inclusive experience for all attendees. We ensure the online component of the event mirrors the in-person experience as closely as possible, providing equal access to event content and interactive features for both in-person and remote participants.  This allows individuals who may have difficulty travelling, or have disabilities to actively engage with the event from their own locations.5. Communication and Publicity: We aim to provide clear and accessible event information to all participants. This includes using plain language in event communications, ensuring that fonts and colors used are legible and provide sufficient contrast, and providing alternative formats upon request. We also encourage attendees to contact us in advance if they have any specific accessibility concerns.We believe that accessibility is a shared responsibility, and we welcome feedback and suggestions from attendees to help us improve our accessibility initiatives. If you have any accessibility-related questions, concerns, or accommodation requests, please contact  We are dedicated to providing an inclusive event experience for all participants.Date of Accessibility Policy: September 2023